Accredited LOU

LEIBOX Organization grants accreditation to Local Operating Units (LOU’s) authorizing them to, through LEIBOX API: collect, validate and update entities primary email connected to LEI codes.

To start the process of accreditation send an email to lou@leibox.org

Accredited LOU Fee Schedule 2A

Below is a guiding table form of fees accredited LOUs receive for their contribution towards a healthy global LEI ecosystem. Observe each country follow different fee payment schedules, currencies and might be subject to local value added taxes. LEIBOX Organization and the accredited Local Operating Units (LOU’s) has the right to invoice the Participant for added fees and additional handling fees that may occur for manual work and handling.

11 EUR Reserved GLEIF
33 EUR Reserved LEIBOX
52 EUR Reserved Accredited LOU


Amounts are approximates and may be subject to currency conversion rates.

The LEIBOX initiative and regulators globally together strive to implement the transition to electronic-only for correspondence and records towards a Paperless Future.