LEIBOX Service Performance

LEIBOX is a solution for worldwide government bodies and Legal Entities for digital, secure correspondence (notices, letters, certificates, and invoices) directly to legal entities validated Email.

The LEI code assures one identification for each Legal Entity and LEIBOX service layer assures validated Emails, provable delivery and irrevocable correspondence that is secure.

Annual LEIBOX Data;

  • Electronic mail delivered: 28,501,636
  • Records available: 1,531,033
  • LEIBOX on-time delivery: 99,97%
  • Traditional mail on-time delivery: 87% (13% lost or delayed mail)
  • CO2 reduced: 547 ton/year
  • Trees saved: 27,350
  • Kilometers reduced: 855,049,080
  • Saved cost for companies: € 76,479,389
  • Saved cost for taxpayers € 50,888,836 / year
  • Saved hours from handling post for corporations:  3,325,190