LEIBOX Services

LEIBOX Services is a layered solution that enables authorities to send critical information; letters, notices, certificates, invoices, etc. digitally addressed to a LEI where sender and receiver are verified (“who is who”), provable delivery and irrevocable correspondence within existing Email infrastructure.

Technical description

The service does not require any LEI holding party; Government agency or Legal Entity, to download, install, or change anything to their existing infrastructure. LEIBOX is a layer solution which enables authorities and government agencies to send electronic mail directly to LEI holders Entity Verified Primary e-mailbox utilizing existing email systems and LEI codes. LEIBOX further enables two-way correspondence and communication between LEIs enhancing the goal with Globbal LEI system ensuring; “who is who.”

In short; authorities worldwide are transitioning from physical post to electronic mail with the LEIBOX global standard; legal entities are assured of receiving correspondence efficiently and securely. Authorities communicate directly to the LEIs; LEIBOX has categorized and verified worldwide authorities to ensure LEIs to receive digital post that are addressed via the global LEI system (such as certificates, letters, notices, and invoices from verified authorities and government agencies).

Open Data and Categorization

LEIBOX works for a more transparent world by using Open Data; simultaneously, it protects LEIs to only receive proven and relevant electronic mail. With fundamental internal guidelines and verification processes where authorities, government agencies, and other legal entities are categorized on purpose, importance, and relevance to the receiving LEI.

LEIBOX Access Levels

Verifying & Connecting

Legal entities with a LEI code shall maintain an updated Entity Primary Email (utilizing the Entities existing Email infrastructure) via “Checkup LEI” to assure ability to receive digital post addressed to them from authorities, government agencies and other legal entities.

Database administration and operation

In the LEIBOX Database of LEIs (worldwide authorities, government agencies, and legal entities) verified Email addresses; the actual Email addresses are NOT published; therefore, verifying & connecting Email enables for the LEI code holder to stay assure of only relevant electronic correspondence. The LEI code and the Entity Primary Email address is encrypted and connected to the LEI code.

Only verified senders and verified receivers: 

  1. Senders: Worldwide authorities, government agencies, and legal entities
    (with a LEI code).
  2. Receivers: Legal entities with a LEI code.
  3. Secure correspondence by verification “who is who.”
  4. 100% delivery with receipt.
  5. Timestamp: read, device, IP-logging

LEIBOX Operating Service Layer (OSL) enables a LEI code holder to receive electronic mail from verified authorities, government agencies, and other legal entities utilizing the LEIs existing Email solutions.