This is LEIBOX

LEIBOX enable legal entities with a LEI code to securely receive digital post from government departments, agencies, public bodies and other LEIs within existing Email infrastructure.

LEIBOX Organization is established as a service layer extension to the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to further support the implementation and use of Legal Entity Identifier codes (LEI codes). As a service and utility layer to the LEI code LEIBOX is guided by the global direction towards a paperless more efficient world.

A Paperless Future

The process and transition towards a Paperless Future is established by regulators globally following the The Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda (UN Resolution 70/1). LEIBOX offers a layer solution to existing infrastructure standards that enables the transition to secure electronic communication between government bodies and legal entities (complementing and replacing physical paper post).

The LEIBOX Organization are following regulators worldwide through the phases of the transition period towards digital records and correspondence. On 11th of December 2018 Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council established the European Electronic Communications Code (Directive EU 2018/1972). The current Administration of the United States of America are driving transformational change towards the move to a Paperless Future (Transition to Electronic Records; 0MB NARA M-19-21, M-12-18, M-14-16, Electronic Records and Signatures Public Law 106–229106th Congress, S. 2488 Open Data). Regulators implement the transition to electronic communication. Within the transition period, legal entities with a LEI can maintain a Verified Entity Primary Email (VEPE) to receive digital post from government and other LEIs addressed to their LEI code. LEIs without a Verified Entity Primary Email (VEPE) will be contacted if they have incoming digital post that can not be delivered.

Maintain a validated Email and receive digital post

LEIBOX a service & utility layer for the LEI code:

Speed Faster correspondence with government departments, agencies and public bodies
Lost mail Increased number of organizations and government only send electronic mail
Security Rate of delivery with electronic mail sent, received is dramatically improved
Costs-saving Labor involved in handling physical paper post and archiving
Global coverage Public yet assured who-is-who
Emissions Save trees and reduce Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from logistics

Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) created the LEI code system and appointed Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as superintendent to implement LEI codes worldwide. The LEI code system was founded to drive transparency forward within the global financial markets with an Open Data philosophy. LEIBOX is a service and utility layer built on-top of LEI code, utilizing the  LEI code, Open Data to provide an added service and utility to the global LEI network and grow the utility.
LEIBOX supports a sustainable future, and The Global Goals 2030 by increasing the efficiency of correspondence, transparency, and reducing the carbon footprint for government departments, agencies, public bodies and legal entities globally while lowering costs.

To replace physical post with digital post initially the who-is-who of Email identity is crucial for a transition to be able to proceed. In order to verify and validate an Email several procedures need to be performed, such as analyzing historical data on: DNS, mail server clusters, digital fingerprints and tracing the fee transaction origin matching it with the Banks KYC data.

Maintaining an up-to-date Verified Entity Primary Email (VEPE) enables a continued secure, digital, and fast delivery of critical correspondence from government addressed to a general, geo-fenced and or a specific LEI code. Legal entities can verify and connect an VEPE to their LEI code online: Checkup LEI VEPE Status

Rapid correspondence between authorities and companies enable a net positive impact on the economy. Annually legal entities and governments using the LEIBOX utility;

  • Reduce approx. € 76,479,389 in costs for manual labor costs relating to the post.
  • Reduce approx. 3,325,190 hours in manual Labor relating to the post.
  • Reduce approx. 547 tons of CO2 in physical paper production.
  • Save approx. 27,350 trees.

LEIBOX is a secure layer enabling LEIs to receive electronic communication from governments and other LEIs within an existing Email infrastructure. The LEIBOX secure layer solution pairs LEI code to a Verified Entity Primary Email through a validation process and adds LEIBOX security measurement systems ensuring only verified senders (“who is who”), i.e., government agencies and other LEIs to receive and send correspondence directly within the LEI network.

LEIBOX helps legal entities modernize for a sustainable future where information is digital (secure, fast, correct, efficient and low carbon) advancing from a faulty, slow and unnecessary resource demanding inherited postal system. LEIBOX is, by its statutes, agnostic to any particular political or commercial interest. LEIBOX is a standard for correspondence between authorities, government agencies, and LEIs. 

The LEIBOX Organization manages a network of local partners, known as the “Accredited by LEIBOX”; these parties act locally to provide LEIs with the Validation and Verification using LEIBOX API process of connecting a Email to a LEI code. Together with Accredited local operating units the mission is to reduce unnecessary costs, increase speed, efficiency, security, and transparency in the financial markets by providing a service layer to the Global LEI-code System and transition to a Email based Paperless solution for all legal entities and financial institutions with a LEI code.

The Global LEI system has generated significant advantages for the wider business community and it allows for a faster transition to a Paperless Future. The added service and utility layer; LEIBOX resolves verified parties, provable delivery and irrevocable correspondence that is secure. LEIBOX assures delivery due to importance (who-is-who) and Tracking Data.

Alliances & Partners

LEIBOX Organization have established worldwide network of alliances and partners implementing the transition to a Paperless Future. Together with several partners we replace or partly replace the chain of physical paper correspondence in collaboration with worldwide postal organizations that are connected to our Optical Character Recognition (OCR scanning) Solutions.

Reporting Security Issues

If you’ve identified a potential security flaw in our infrastructure or software, please let us know within 24 hours using GPG encryption. We’ll triage the issue and get back to you within three business days.

Efficient and secure digital post between authorities, government agencies and LEIs