LEI Solutions

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What is LEIBOX?
LEIBOX solves electronic mail correspondence worldwide for; legal entities with a LEI code and government bodies. LEIBOX enables legal entities to receive digital post in an Email format within existing Email infrastructure.


How to update and maintain an Verified Entity Primary Email (VEPE) to a LEI code?
Go to Checkup LEI to check the LEIBOX records. To update the LEIBOX records proceed with the instructions; type and select; (i) Company name or LEI code registered from the LEIBOX records, (ii) if necessary update Entity Primary Email (iii) LEIBOX Organization will validate and verify the Entity Primary Email address(es) within 24 hours.

Who needs a LEIBOX?
Legal entities with a LEI code can validate a Entity Primary Email address connected to the LEI code to be receive digital post sent from verified nodes in the LEI network and global government bodies.

Who can verify, connect and update Email connected to LEI code?
LEIBOX Organization provide the service toward legal entities with a LEI and government bodies to validate and connect an Email.

How to change an already connected LEI code?
To change an Email address already connected to a LEI code, go to; UPDATE LEIBOX follow the instructions.

What is a LEIBOX Local Operating Unit (LOU)?
LEIBOX LOU, or local operating unit (LEIBOX Accredited), is an organization granted approval and verification by LEIBOX Organization to collect EPE (Entity Primary Email) and supply data to LEIBOX Organization for validation and connecting a LEI code.

LEIBOX validation and verification time?
Entity Primary Email validation and verification is completed within 24 hours after filing.

Who can send electronic mail with LEIBOX?
Only validated parties with a LEI code.

Is LEIBOX secure?
LEIBOX assures who-is-who (the validation process) and secures the communication with tracking data for receiving and sending party to have full transparency on whom have accessed the data.

LEIBOX fees?
LEIBOX fees follows the LEI Fee Schedule 1A.

How to log-in and create an account?
After LEIBOX is verified, the LEI code is connected to a Verified Entity Primary Email. No log-in or further account handling is needed, if necessary, updating current Entity Primary Email go to UPDATE LEIBOX.

Why Digital Mail?
LEIBOX actualizes a layer solution to existing infrastructure standards that enables the transition to secure electronic communication between government bodies and legal entities (complementing and replacing physical paper post).